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Get your Boundary Waters/Quetico maps long before you shove off on your next canoe trip. Use the buttons above to find the maps you need. If you need assistance, give us a call at (877) 663-8940.

Maps & Stuff provides a convenient way of finding the maps you need for your next Boundary Waters/Quetico canoe trip long before you ever hit the water.  Many people plan their trips for months, or even years, before they actually have a chance to go.  They often have a general idea of what areas they hope to visit, but most don't see detailed topographic maps of the route they plan to travel until just before they start paddling.

Maps & Stuff is designed to help you identify the maps you will need and provide a convenient way of buying them.  By having detailed maps early, you can do everything from locating potential campsites to getting a more precise distance/difficulty measurement for your overall trip.  This all gives you more information to work with in planning an enjoyable canoe trip that reflects both your interests and abilities.

Oh yeah, the "Stuff" in Maps & Stuff, is just that ... "Stuff".  Not all this "Stuff" is essential, but it may make your trip more enjoyable and hopefully more memorable.  This part of the site will probably evolve over time, and I encourage you to present any suggestions you might have on what to include/delete in this, or any part of the Maps & Stuff site. You are welcome to send your comments and suggestions to me by clicking on "" at the bottom of this page.  Thanks for using Maps & Stuff!

Happy Paddling!!

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